CEREC® Same Day Crowns

Here in our office, we’re proud to offer same-day-milled dental restorations. This includes quality custom-crafted crowns, bridges, veneers, and even teeth for dentures.

This is all made possible through CEREC.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC is an amazing piece of technology that creates physical restorations from digital designs. Not only that, but it happens right here in the office!

The process begins with an intraoral scanner. This scanner will take a highly accurate impression of your teeth and gums. Those measurements go straight to a computer, where they are turned into a digital replica of your teeth.

The dentist will use the digital model, along with CAD/CAM software, to design your restoration to perfectly fit your dental needs.

Once that happens, the files are sent to the CEREC machine in our office, which will mill out the results of that design while you’re still in the office.

The Benefits of CEREC

Using CEREC has a number of incredible benefits. When you come to our office for a dental restoration, you will see that:

CEREC Is Fast| Crowns and bridges used to require that a physical mold of your teeth be taken and sent to a lab, where the restorative dental ware would be crafted to fit the mold.

With CEREC, not only will you not need to wait for lab results, but you won’t even have to come in for later appointments to finish the process. The CEREC-milled crowns can be designed and created while you’re still in the dental chair!

CEREC Is Accurate| The convenience of speed often comes with a drop in quality. Not so with CEREC. In fact, digitally-designed crowns can be even more customized to the actual shape of your teeth than those made with a mold.

When CAD software and a CEREC mill work together to create your restorations, they are neither mass-produced nor generic. They are made to fit your unique teeth.

CEREC Is Efficient| Using a CEREC mill eliminates a great deal of waste, both in time and material. No time spent delivering product. No packaging used on that delivery. No middleman between the dentist and the patient. Just a quick and easy in-office dental treatment.

CEREC Is Personal| With an in-office CEREC mill, the dentist who designs and creates your crown is the same one who examined your teeth and is personally familiar with them.

On top of that, you will still be present in the office while this process is happening. If a preliminary fitting or new measurement is necessary, everyone required to fill in those information gaps is already there, ready to make the necessary adjustments.

Talk To Us About Your Dental Options

The CEREC mill improves dental care and widens the number of options we can make available to you. For any questions about CEREC or about your dental needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today!